Thursday, March 17, 2011

GSM: Drive Test Methodology: Tems Investigation *.*.* Data Collection

Architecture for drive test tools and Methodology platform
MS1: Idle mode
MS2: Long call
MS3: Short call 
 Test SIM cards (3)
Called party number (***….)
DC to AC converter
GSM Scanner (If required)
Post Processing Tool (If required)

You may use dB gain antenna to meet requirement of client at your own (.….)

Test Case Description

Drive defined route/area and make sure no data loss and always avoid overlap.

Network Integration Test:
• Call set up test
Timeslot test, forced call test

GPRS Performance Test:
• Application Performance Test
• WWW, FTP, WAP etc.
Mobility Test
• Cell Reselection, RA Update

Manipulation you can make based on your skill:
- Forced handover
- Lock on to Frequency
- Layer 3 messages Analysis on-spot

You can discard event mismatch by exporting, re-recording of Logfile.

To read more about Drive Test and Mapping of Log file please visit at:  
Note: do not forget to follow this bible: 
Start Record Log-file –> Start Command Sequence –> Stop Command Sequence –> Stop Record Log-file
Please feel free to give comment and ask for relevant help (query).

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