Become a Radio Network Optimization (RNO) Engineer in GSM

RF and radio engineering interview

How do you define Success? What is Success for you?
It’s not so amusing party….get ready for something relevant….Starting from GSM to  Channel Concept and TEMS DT Mannual.
Drive Test is conducted by a DT Engineer for checking coverage criteria through following DT methodology/technique of a cell site with RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool as Log files are analyzed to evaluate various RF parameters of the network is called post processing job.
Drive Test Tool: TEMS Software with license (Dongle), GPS, Mobile Phone, Scanner, Antenna, Data Cable, Power Inverter, Laptop and Hub

1.   Define  GSM, C/I , SQI, RxQual, RxLevel, BER,BSIC, AMR, C1 & C2, CEFR, CSSR, RSSI,FER, IMSI attached procedure, MOC & MTC, GGSN & SGSN, BSS, NSS, HLR & VLR, E1 & T1, EIR & AuC, BSC, BTS/RBS, GPRS and EDGE, BCCH, LAC and Cell File etc.
2.   How does RxQual relate to BER?
3.   What is the frequency ranges of GSM 900 and DCS 1800?
4.   Why the uplink frequencies are smaller than downlink?
5.   What are the characteristics of Radio frequencies?
6.   What are the logical channels used between MS and BTS?
7.   What is SDCCH doing during the call establishment?
8.   What is Co-Channel interference?
9.   What is interference?
10.  What is the difference between BER-Full and BER-Sub?
11.  Why do we prefer SQI over RxQual? 
12.  What can be the reasons of a Call drop?
13.  What are counters? Why do we need them?
14.  What is cell-reselection?
15.  Why do we make “short calls” and “long calls” during drive test?
16.  Explain call setup, MS registered and Handover (Ho) procedures!
17.  What makes GPRS technology different from traditional GSM?
18.   How many channels used in GSM .Explain each?
19.   Define Timing Advance? Handover failures other than Co-Bcch and Neighbor, difference of RX full and Sub, Multiple coverage and Call muting,
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