Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hamid Mir: A Sensible and Responsible Journalist from Pakistan

Hamid Mir: A good Pakistani who pledges his commitment towards humanity sidelining the party, country and religion and everything that confronts humanism.

I’m going to write about Hamid Mir,Executive Editor of Geo TV in Islamabad, who is 100% percent down to earth humanist with a brave heart to raise his voice against all butcher of Bangladesh.
He asked for apology to Bengalis two years ago in Islamabad Press Club for the atrocities committed by Pakistan Army in 1971. He added a demand of official apology from the government of Pakistan to the people of Bangladesh for the genocide of March 1971.

May be he can heal the wounds of Bangladeshi people, Perhaps he can assist in bringing an end to a catastrophe that started in the night of March 25, 1971 when generals of the Pakistani Army had committed a dreadful killing of their brothers and sisters.

I believe at the same time, the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Lahore High Court may help the fact finding committee of Bangladesh and seek an apology from the people of Pakistan.

At the end I would like to show my heartiest gratitude to Mr. Hamid Mir, thanks for taking a brave step against all odd, it may be a set off ice melting.

After reading his story, I have come up with some queries:

Was the report of Hamoodur Rahman Commission made public? How long it takes to bring those war criminals to justice?

Will Pakistani Parliament show some respect to human- rights to admit their blunders? What steps should be taken to identify those Army Officers as war criminals according to Geneva Convention?

Will our political party and “Shushil Shomaz” take a stand in favor of humanity irrespective of party, country and religion?

Will our young generation be truly heartened by Mr. Hamid Mir initiative and follow him?.

Source:prothomalo dainik
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

How India Ruining Bangladeshi Youth and Economy

Sweet in a flavored syrupy base Phensedyl contains codeine-phosphate, chlorpheniramine maleate and ephedrine in variable amounts. The 'main' substance in the Phensedyl syrup is codeine-phosphate, and this eventually makes consumers addicted to the drug. The presence of ephedrine hydrochloride in Phensedyl creates high blood pressure and can cause sudden death due to cardiac problem or heart failure.
Source: http://ruchichowdhury.tripod.com/phensedyl_menance.htm

Many Bangladeshi youths feel that it would be smart and fashionable to take Phensedyl; Doctor drinking before they enter into Operation Theater, teacher having before entering a classroom, dealers penetrated our market with the help of top level to lower level, without realizing the harmful consequences of the above chemical.

Most of the drug industries are on Indian side of our border mushroomed with the active support of BSF. Bangladesh is the main target market of Phensedyl to destroy our young generation. BSF just shoot our martyr so that Indian drug smuggler gets free ride to Bangladesh.
India is ruining our youth life and vision by reinforcing smugglers for chain supply of Phensedyl. Some of our enforcement agency members are involved in this chain supply for their own benefit. Our police and RAB become helping hand of drug sellers; they collect monthly commission from Phensedyl dealers. Our police and RAB raid drug dens only occasionally while they do not get their regular kickbacks on time. Whenever some honest law and enforcement officers take action against drug dealers to protect our youth, price goes up to 2000 BDT per 100 ml bottle due to shortage of supply. Now a day’s those honest and dedicated officers could not choke peddlers from communicating with their buyers because of mobile phone and internet.
Dear readers, if you go through bellow references you will realize how India ruining our youth and economy:

Sources said the country's drug business would amount to no less than Tk 6,000 crore.

According to the National Assessment of Situation and Responses to Opiate Use in Bangladesh, drugs are being smuggled from India across the border into at least 24 districts and from Myanmar into Bandarban and Cox's Bazar.

"Smuggling routes of heroin powder, Phensedyl syrup and buprenorphine injections exist between West Bengal and Bangladesh," the report of the latest joint survey conducted by government and non-government agencies says. "Construction of bridges and national highways has facilitated drug trafficking within the country after they get smuggled in," the report adds.

"Huge money is involved in the drug trade. Once someone enters this business he never stops until his death," he said, adding, "So it's virtually impossible to completely rout the trade, but it's possible to control it and we're trying to do that."

Source: http://www.thedailystar.net
Dhaka to Delhi: crack down on drug factories near border

Regional Update: South Asia
CAUTION: The following review of the regional drug situation has been excerpted, as background information only, from the 1995 Annual Report of the International Narcotics Control Board, which is under embargo until 9 a.m. (European Time) on 28 February 1996. The Board annually assesses the drug situation in each region, based on information obtained from a variety of sources, including Government authorities. No part of the report or this excerpt may be used before its official release:
United Nations Information Service,Vienna,
Vienna International Centre P.O. Box 500, A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: 43-1 21345-4666, Fax: 21345-5899
The entire text of the INCB Report for 1995 can be found on INCB's Home Page accessed from : http://www.undcp.org beginning 27 February 1996
The Phensedyl menace: Wake-up call for everyone

Rising drug abuse? UN watchdog blames India

India running phensidyl industry to destroy Bangladeshi youth
Drugs debilitate society :Two million bottles of smuggled Phensedyl seized since 2009
Contraband cough syrup 'Phensedyl' seized in Meghalaya
Delhi told to curb phensedyl smuggling
Phensedyl Trail and a leading Indian Pharmaceutical Corporation
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GSM and WiMax Study Material ( practical guidelines)

Next article will be in Call Drop Analysis (A-Z with recommendation) and WiMax: drive test and report preparing with XcalX and XcaP, I will show you how to connect two CPE to a single PC.

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions to make it more profound article.

Thank you.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


GSM BASICS which are indeed for a drive test engineer

Downlink and Uplink: The uplink (MS to BTS) frequencies are in the area 890 - 915 MHz and the downlink (BTS to MS) frequencies in the 935-960 MHz.

Downlink RF Characteristics: RxLevel, RxQual, FER, MS-TX-Power etc.

Particular frequency and Network Capacity: the more often you use a particular frequency within your network, the more capacity you can provide by your network. You will learn more about this topic by analyzing and implementing frequency plan (the shorter the distance, the tighter frequency planning allow more subscribers in the network)

Radio Network Capacity: depends on the number of cells on-air and the number of channels associated with each cell. The number of channel is increased in each sector, the erlong value would increase which allow more subscribers in the network

Transmission hop: a combination of sending and receiving ends.

Traffic: a load due to the calls generated by the subscribers.

Erlang: is the unit of traffic; one erlang means one busy subscriber/line

Tilting: is a way of mounting the cellular antenna, there are two type of rectification tasks could be done during your DT, up-tilting (the signal is transmitted at a positive angle) and down-tilting ( the signal is transmitted at a negative angle with the horizon)

Burst: time slots are arranged in a sequence 0-7, the repetitions of this sequence is called a TDMA frame, the information content carried in one time slot is called a burst.

Accessibility: SDCCH serviceability * TCH accessibility. Repeated short call set-ups must be exercised to measure accessibility performance of the network.

Retainibility: it takes all type of drops into consideration, for measuring retainibility and integrity of a network, long continuous calls must be performed by drive test

  • Make sure you have loaded correct cell file before proceeding to collect log file
  • Make sure one MS is in dedicated mode( long call) to measure quality and one MS is in Idle mode to scan all BCCH frequencies and another to make short call
  • Measure MPD from long call + short call, Integrity; SQI from long call, RxQual from long call, RXLevel from Idle mode, coverage area probability from idle mode, E2E call establishment success rate from short call
  • Compare the LAC ID, CI and BCCH according to your MDB and CRF of a new site
  • You can disable Cell File and start collecting log file when you face some sort of error in your cell file.
  • When you find RxLevel and RX Qual are poor (bellow the marks) just let your coordinator know the findings: it may be the effect of hardware installation error.
  • When you face some sort of HO problem, let your coordinator know the issue and try to find out whether all the neighbor relations are well defined or not; check site status: all the sites are on air. Prompt force HO and moving around 100 meter could be done to identify the real situation of your target cell.
  • Call termination problem due to overlay and underlay: check BCCH and let your coordinator know the issue
  • Always keep an eye on radio parameter, current channel, serving neighbor, C/I and C/A
  • If the RxLevel bad and RxQual is also bad then HO is due to RxQual
  • If RxLevel is bad and RxQual is good then HO is due to RxLevel
  • When BSIC and frequency are same; the SQI goes negative
  • There won’t be any significance difference between RXLevel sub and Rxlevel full when DTX is disabled
  • If you find call originating problem then click on presentation>signaling>layer3 Messages>properties>event to check message type|type6|type13|NCC|Message Type|LAC|NCC permitted|Band allocation|termination Failure
  • Range and threshold value of RxLevel sub ( -10dBm to -115dBm, higher is better, threshold value -95dBm) RxQual ( 0-7, lower is better, threshold value 5) SQI (-20 to 30, threshold value 18, higher value is better) C/I (-5 to 20, threshold value 12, higher value is better) FER full (lower value denotes the better network ) BER actual (the lower the value, the better the network ) RxLevel full ; a higher value represents better scenario.

  • Always Check and select proper comport configuration for RLC throughput
  • GPRS connected but connection is too slow; check RxLevel of your idle mode mobile and make a move to that specific SECTOR for the strongest RxLevel.
  • PDB activated and deactivated message; you will hear a confirmation message: GPRS and MMS have been activated…you may check command sequence for troubleshooting, if you are not clear about any configuration then contact your coordinator and describe the real scenario.
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