Thursday, May 26, 2011

Transcend 640 G.B With 750+ Movies free

I'v received an email from one of my friend offering me (I like to share that e-mail with my readers): Lets make it simple you will get the 750 + Movies When you buy Transcend 640 G.B portable hard Drive from offer will be valid till our limited stock lasts.

Some specific points:

1)You can find the detail movies list here at:
2)If you are sure to get this you can order '3' days earlier and then collect on the following day to save your time.
3)The hard drive comes with 40 Months warranty.
4)There are around 400+ Movies in MKV format in this collection & qualities are good enough for display up to 24".

Download Movie link List:

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Drive Test Post Processing Job and Log file analysis in GSM

The readers of this study material are considered to have basic knowledge of TEMS Investigation Data Collection , Route Analysis and Mapinfo Professional as well as Microsoft Excell. This document will be focusing on DT KPI Report; preparing report/ post processing from drive test log file.
There are some sort of report: comparison, final acceptance, pre-DT etc.. reporting should be followed as per operator required format.
Relevant issues must be ensured during our post processing job so that readers can prepare any type of report.
If you find any difficulties please consult your concerned person/boss or e-mail me

Before you start please make sure there are no event mismatch in your Logfile and do not forget to go through your MDB file for site list.

Report Generator for Event Summary:

Open Tems Investigation ..Data Collection, please click on the button
to download the file and let me know your progress
Here i have put an example of command sequence and some relevant document which might be helpful to perform DT for CS and PS Test.
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