Monday, September 19, 2011

Free 5 ways and one trick to get more followers on twitter

Tweeting, re-tweeting and sharing links are the best policy to have more twitter followers. Beside that I’m giving you some trick to add more twitter followers.

Here are 5 ways for your practice:
1. Twollow is a keywords based business platform for finding and building a targeted Twitter market.
• Get More Twitter Followers based on keywords
• Follow/Unfollow Management - Our process is approved by Twitter!
• Advanced Keyword Monitoring
• Easy Multiple Account Management
• Monitor Brand Mentions
• Emerging Trends Spotting & Analytics
Note: not a free tool.
2. Get Tweet Attacks Free Edition, please download and follow the steps.

Finally go with start task. You may download user manual for your better understanding.
3. (formerly You can pre-write a welcome Direct Message (DM) to anyone who follows you. This tool will automatically send out this message to every new Twitter follower as well as you can auto-follow anyone who follows you.
4. Here you go for some more option:
• John Chow has set up a free service called Twitter Follower
Tweetdeck is a free Twitter app that lets you manage your Twitter account.
5. Unfollow People Who Do Not Follow You Back
Just brows “ and” to flush unfollowers.
Find and unfollow Twitter users who unfollowed you or who do not follow you.
For ongoing Twitter follower maintenance, you can use Twitter Karma to weed our your non-followers.

Pick someone (Follow the top twitter users and watch what they tweet. Pay attention to the type of content they sent out and how they address their audiences. You’re already following, someone who has more than 10k followers, check and follow around 500 followers (if you have more than 2000 followers then you can , wait for 24 hrs to see the results. Now what to do with them who does not follow you back…just flush them out from your following list and repeat the trick. I think you are a smart enough to play with them with “justunfollow, tweepi and dossy”. Remember to Ignore people with generic pictures and weird, spam handlers.

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