Saturday, April 23, 2011

How India Ruining Bangladeshi Youth and Economy

Sweet in a flavored syrupy base Phensedyl contains codeine-phosphate, chlorpheniramine maleate and ephedrine in variable amounts. The 'main' substance in the Phensedyl syrup is codeine-phosphate, and this eventually makes consumers addicted to the drug. The presence of ephedrine hydrochloride in Phensedyl creates high blood pressure and can cause sudden death due to cardiac problem or heart failure.

Many Bangladeshi youths feel that it would be smart and fashionable to take Phensedyl; Doctor drinking before they enter into Operation Theater, teacher having before entering a classroom, dealers penetrated our market with the help of top level to lower level, without realizing the harmful consequences of the above chemical.

Most of the drug industries are on Indian side of our border mushroomed with the active support of BSF. Bangladesh is the main target market of Phensedyl to destroy our young generation. BSF just shoot our martyr so that Indian drug smuggler gets free ride to Bangladesh.
India is ruining our youth life and vision by reinforcing smugglers for chain supply of Phensedyl. Some of our enforcement agency members are involved in this chain supply for their own benefit. Our police and RAB become helping hand of drug sellers; they collect monthly commission from Phensedyl dealers. Our police and RAB raid drug dens only occasionally while they do not get their regular kickbacks on time. Whenever some honest law and enforcement officers take action against drug dealers to protect our youth, price goes up to 2000 BDT per 100 ml bottle due to shortage of supply. Now a day’s those honest and dedicated officers could not choke peddlers from communicating with their buyers because of mobile phone and internet.
Dear readers, if you go through bellow references you will realize how India ruining our youth and economy:

Sources said the country's drug business would amount to no less than Tk 6,000 crore.

According to the National Assessment of Situation and Responses to Opiate Use in Bangladesh, drugs are being smuggled from India across the border into at least 24 districts and from Myanmar into Bandarban and Cox's Bazar.

"Smuggling routes of heroin powder, Phensedyl syrup and buprenorphine injections exist between West Bengal and Bangladesh," the report of the latest joint survey conducted by government and non-government agencies says. "Construction of bridges and national highways has facilitated drug trafficking within the country after they get smuggled in," the report adds.

"Huge money is involved in the drug trade. Once someone enters this business he never stops until his death," he said, adding, "So it's virtually impossible to completely rout the trade, but it's possible to control it and we're trying to do that."

Dhaka to Delhi: crack down on drug factories near border
Regional Update: South Asia
CAUTION: The following review of the regional drug situation has been excerpted, as background information only, from the 1995 Annual Report of the International Narcotics Control Board, which is under embargo until 9 a.m. (European Time) on 28 February 1996. The Board annually assesses the drug situation in each region, based on information obtained from a variety of sources, including Government authorities. No part of the report or this excerpt may be used before its official release:
United Nations Information Service,Vienna,
Vienna International Centre P.O. Box 500, A-1400 Vienna, Austria
Tel.: 43-1 21345-4666, Fax: 21345-5899
The entire text of the INCB Report for 1995 can be found on INCB's Home Page accessed from : beginning 27 February 1996
The Phensedyl menace: Wake-up call for everyone
Rising drug abuse? UN watchdog blames India
India running phensidyl industry to destroy Bangladeshi youth\
Drugs debilitate society :Two million bottles of smuggled Phensedyl seized since 2009
Contraband cough syrup 'Phensedyl' seized in Meghalaya
Delhi told to curb phensedyl smuggling
Phensedyl Trail and a leading Indian Pharmaceutical Corporation§ionId=14&articleId=85

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