Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hamid Mir: A Sensible and Responsible Journalist from Pakistan

Hamid Mir: A good Pakistani who pledges his commitment towards humanity sidelining the party, country and religion and everything that confronts humanism.

I’m going to write about Hamid Mir,Executive Editor of Geo TV in Islamabad, who is 100% percent down to earth humanist with a brave heart to raise his voice against all butcher of Bangladesh.
He asked for apology to Bengalis two years ago in Islamabad Press Club for the atrocities committed by Pakistan Army in 1971. He added a demand of official apology from the government of Pakistan to the people of Bangladesh for the genocide of March 1971.

May be he can heal the wounds of Bangladeshi people, Perhaps he can assist in bringing an end to a catastrophe that started in the night of March 25, 1971 when generals of the Pakistani Army had committed a dreadful killing of their brothers and sisters.

I believe at the same time, the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Lahore High Court may help the fact finding committee of Bangladesh and seek an apology from the people of Pakistan.

At the end I would like to show my heartiest gratitude to Mr. Hamid Mir, thanks for taking a brave step against all odd, it may be a set off ice melting.

After reading his story, I have come up with some queries:

Was the report of Hamoodur Rahman Commission made public? How long it takes to bring those war criminals to justice?

Will Pakistani Parliament show some respect to human- rights to admit their blunders? What steps should be taken to identify those Army Officers as war criminals according to Geneva Convention?

Will our political party and “Shushil Shomaz” take a stand in favor of humanity irrespective of party, country and religion?

Will our young generation be truly heartened by Mr. Hamid Mir initiative and follow him?.

Source:prothomalo dainik


Neneng Tarigan said...

I like yr blog contents, so straight forward and so honest! Keep up the good work!

Yusuf Chowdury said...

Journalists are the image of a country. So, some good journalist can change the out look of a country. Hamid Mir is like that person who contributed a lot for Pakistan.


chy said...

Thanks for your nice comments, I hope that Mr. Hamid Mir will succeed in convincing a formal apology from Pakistan Govt Body..

and i believe that one day other journalist will follow him and play an important role in bilateral issues.

Shafky said...

of course.. i like that..

Minhaz said...

The nature of Pakistani army to kill their own people what they did in 1971 and now they are killing their own people in tribal area by name of Taliban.. Justice should be done by people of Pakistan to rise their voice against this killing of innocent people.

sheikhji said...

yes hamid meer is good

Brazil said...

I Like his Social Responsibility and love to follow him...

Md. Akteruzzaman said...

I Support Mr. Hamid Mir and want an official apology from Pakistan Government.

rovahiga said...

Quoi de plus noble au Québec Le Travail d'journaliste de l'ONU Qui se Penche sur le malheur de SES concitoyens et Contre l'injustice Qui Lutte.
Nos gouvernants devraient s'imprégner de la Réalité et non Pas SEULEMENT de l'économie et de la Politique. Des drames Humains seraient évités «ainsi.

noved said...

I admire his spirit and also want an official apology from Pakistan Government.

Also our gov should resolve the Bihari issue.