Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Liberate Indian Hegemonic Attitude

Routine and arbitrary Killings are in cold blood by Border Security Force (BSF):
Killing thy neighbor: India, and its Border Security Force (BSF)

It was 6 in the morning, Friday, 7th January 2011. Felani was 15, returning to Bangladesh with her father from Nayadilli, India - work place of her father after ten years. The BSF executed India’s shoot-to- kill policy at her, she was dying for water till her death, about 30 minutes after shooting; nobody was next to her because of BSF’s brutality.
Rahnuma, A. (2011, January 9). Killing thy neighbour: India, and its Border Security Force. Retrieved from
India's shoot-to-kill policy on the Bangladesh border
Nazrul Islam, a Bangladeshi, was luckier. "At around 3am we decided to cross the Indian border," he said. He was headed to India to smuggle cows back to Bangladesh. "As soon as the BSF saw us, they started firing without warning." Islam was shot in his arm, but survived.
Brad, A. (2011, January 23). India’s shoot-to-kill policy on the Bangladesh border. Retrieved from

Indian BSF kills 4 Bangladeshis in 2 day
Total border killings since January stands at 84
(2009, November 13). Indian BSF kills 4 Bangladeshis in 2 day. Retrieved from

Raumari tense as BSF kills Bangladeshi girl
Our Correspondent , Kurigram .(2009, November 7). Raumari tense as BSF kills Bangladeshi girl.
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79 border killings by BSF since Jan
Another Bangladeshi killed
79 border killings by BSF since Jan
One more Bangladeshi citizen was gunned down by BSF early Sunday taking the total number of such killings since January 1, 2009 to October 18 to 79 and January, 2000 to October 18, 2009 to 806.(TBT Report)
(2009, October 19). 79 border killings by BSF since Jan. Retrieved from

Tension mounts as BSF kills 2
BDR sources at Panchagarh 25 Battalion quoting villagers said the BSF fired at least 120 bullets towards Bangladesh territory on Thursday evening without any provocation.
(2009, September 18). Tension mounts as BSF kills 2. Retrieved from

One more Bangladeshi gunned down on border
BSF kills 5 in a week
(2009, September 18). bangladesheconomy

Equal Rights & Justice: likely need humanity
Dear readers, we must not set our goals bellow the marks. The world could deliver the basic needs of all its inhabitants within a matter of a few years if only there was the collective will from the policymakers, would cost seven billion* dollars a year to put every child in school by the year 2011, which is less than one per cent of what the world spends every year on command & conquer (Weapons).
* Estimation according to data in State of the World's Children 1997, UNICEF

Dear Honorable Prime Minister, as per your election manifesto and declaration of UN Human Rights Council, extra-judicial killings and custodial deaths will no longer be entertained, if you believe in by the people, of the people and for the people.

Dear BSF, what are you getting by killing our innocent people? Children are becoming orphans, parents losing their children. At the end we lose our beloved one and this beautiful world. Please stop killing and treat us like human-beings.

Justice Without Power is Incompetence: Unlikely Need
F-22A Raptor,B-2 Spirit stealth Bomber and , SR-71 Blackbird and SU-47 Berkut, as well as AH64-A Apache and MI-24 Hind chopper.SS-N-25 Onyx, ABM S-400 and Iskander tactical missiles, T-95 version , M1A2 Abrams, M1-J10 and Type 99/ZTZ99 tank …depends on strategy and ready to proceed for Retribution!.


Faruque said...

democracy is a government of the people,by the people and for the people. its a myth. Now Democracy has become a government "off" the people, "bye" (good bye) the people and "far" from the people.

Faruque said...

Look, Bangladeshis are by nature respectful to their brothers, big or small. but they have never tolerated the the big brotherly attitude of anybody. Bengaliies are independent by nature but pls do not try to boss around them.Take the case of Netaji Sbhash bose.Gandhi was a great leader. He was a disciple of Gandhi alright but did not submit ti his pressure of accepting Mr. Sitaramaiyya as the President of Congress. He defeated Mahatma Gandhis nominee ans got himself elected as President of All India Congress. The brahmins of South India resisted him and he left Congress and formed ZAD hIND fORCE. tHATS HOW A bENGALLI IS.
With india, our gvt is cooperating in many fields including fight against terrorism but they fighting with our innocent people in the border. WE ARE allowing Indian commercial channels to be aired in bangladesh whereas they do not allow our channels to be aired in INdia,Its time we should stop airing their channels. We all know, a small coterie will try to resist it. but we should stop it,The Indians tend to believe that they are superior. But in what way? It is only an inferior mind that tries to stop the exchange of culture. If you fell yourself superior, why are you afraid to allow our channels to be aired in your country. Come on. face the truth.that