Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UniPay2U due to weak governance: top policymakers involvement

UniPay2U: is it a scam? are they involved in money laundering? is the company sovereign or our honorable Finance Minister and BB governor are not taking any legal action against them?

Patriotism is our conviction;this country is superior because we were born in it, unfortunately some of our top policymakers and bureaucrat are sold out at WWW.

It is high time that people of BD had lesson:do not always believe our government has our best interest.

With all due respect: i urge our honorable PM to feel the feelings of our irate share market investors and let all the culprit answer to the parliamentary standing committee ( We believe in democracy and want to rely on our judiciary system)before fall our economy intolerable situation.


Dante said...

Good News; Today B.B freezes 4 bank account of UniPay2U.....dont start laughing ....ha ha...

doya kore Azker(21-03-2011) jonokanto dekun....

Redwan said...

Muntasir Hossain Emon and Jamshedur Rahman of Unipay2u Bangladesh are at Mohammadpur Police Station after their arrest in the city on Sunday.
To read more plz visit at: